Password “admin” isn’t accepted when I try to get in web interface of my browser by ( IP addresses.

If you want to configure router or modem, you need to visit their settings. It’s not really difficult. Just follow manuals like “How to get in router’s settings or 192.168.l.l (192.168.O.1)”. Still in process of entering settings, you can face many problems. One of the most popular troubles is when you try to get in router’s web page interface, but password or username “admin” isn’t work. In every router’s settings you can get by using IP addresses like ( which usually you can find on sticker on bottom cover. For access to web page interface of router, you need to type username and password. Mostly, manufacturers use default password and username “admin”, but some of them use different. When we enter “admin” on authorization page, we have chance to don’t be passed. Page will be refreshed or we will get a message that password is wrong.


Password “admin” doesn’t want to accepted when I try to get in router’s settings.

Okay, your tryings to get in router’s setting aren’t successful, because of “invalid password” or “invalid username”. Let’s try to fix that. There are three main reasons: -You or your master configured your router and changed web page interface password. -Some errors in router’s work. -You enter incorrect passwords which are used as default. Solutions: 1) Firstly, you need to understand what information you need to enter. This information is usually designated on router’s bottom cover or on back side. Try to search it. 2) Maybe you noted your password on sheet of paper and forgot about that. Try to remember. 3) The most reliable solution is router’s settings reset. After that process, all settings will be as default. That process isn’t very difficult. You just need to find RESET button on your router. It can be on backside or on bottom cover of your device. To press it, you need something sharp. Also RESET button can be as a one of WPS button. Button should be pressed and holded for ten and more seconds. Router will be reloaded. After that, try to get in control panel. If it’s not work, search some information about reset in the Internet.

Usernames and passwords for different routers.

Let’s find out what the password and username is used by default in your router. As I wrote above, this information can be founded on device. Tp-Link routers: address – (could be Username and password are admin and admin. D-Link routers: address is Username and password is admin and admin or password field is simply not populated. Zyxel routers: (or Username is admin and password is 1234. On ZyXEL Keenetic Start this information is not specified and default settings are not protected. The router will suggest you to set a password. Linksys routers: address is Username and password is admin. For some reason they do not indicate this information on the device itself. Probably because want that routers Linksys was configured with a special program that comes bundled on the disk. Asus routers: address is Username is admin, password is admin as well. Tenda routers: address is Username is admin and password is leave blank. If you accords to instructions, settings page should open.